Construction works of mid-hill highway in limbo

Jajarkot, Feb 27: The construction work of different sections of the mid-hill highway in Jajarkot district is in limbo as the contractors failed to carry out the given jobs in time for no reason.

Construction of 19 kilometre road in different sections along the Kudu of Jajarkot to Suyada in Dailekh district has not seen any progress for five years due to irresponsibility on the part of the construction companies.

The Tulsipur-based Office of the Project said that construction of the road along Kudu to Dasera in Jagatipur VDC and Thalabazar in Jhapra VDC is halted while track from Karkigaun to Jhapra is not opened yet.

The Project said that Spex Khani-Dhulikhel JV, Kankai Kabir Thapa JV and Anak Road and Bridge Kabir JV have not taken ahead the construction works. It is said that the construction companies have quit the jobs in the halfway though they start the works in the initial phase from outsourcing.

rakashjung Shah of Khalanga-2 has taken the responsibility of construction works from Spex Khani-Dhulikhel JV while two other contractor companies have given their works to Kabir Thapa and Gore Tamang. Shah has not worked for five years while the construction works is still for two years from Thapa and Tamang.

Lack of prompt actions against the contractors for their failure to accomplish the given task on time is also delayed the construction of the mid-hill highway, Padam Bahadur Shahi, a resident of Dasera said.

However, the contractor companies have pledged to resume the construction works lately after repeated calls to them and issuing warnings against them to put in the blacklist.  RSS

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