Shortage of warm kit for newborns

Dadeldhura, Feb 4: Shortage of warm clothes for the newborn and infants at health posts in the district is increasing health risks to the newborns. 

Due to the shortage of warm clothes at the health posts, the family members of the newborn bring their own clothes from homes, which has increased the risk of infections, according to the health workers.

Although the District Public Health Office, Dadeldhura has called for tenders for the supply of 1,000 'warm bags' for infants, the so-called warm bags are yet to arrive, it is stated.

The warm bag for the infants is a kit containing warm clothing for the newborns and infants which is provided to the new mothers.

There is shortage of warm bags for newborns at all the 18 health posts and also at the District Hospital for over a month now. RSS

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