NC acting President asks both government and Madhesi parties to restrain flexibility

Ram-Chandra-Paudel1Chitwan, Nov 10: Nepali Congress (NC) acting President Ram Chandra Poudel has urged the government to show flexibility to address the demands of Madhes and the Madhes-centric parties to help expedite the constitution amendment process withdrawing obstruction at parliament and border.

At a press conference organized here on Tuesday by Press Union Chitwan, leader Poudel said the Madhes unrest would come to an end once the government movbed ahead with flexibility.

He went on saying that the NC would discharge the role of facilitator to resolve the problem even being not the part of government talks team.

He said that the party would immediately hold discussion with Madhes-based parties after his return to Kathmandu and ask them to let up protest at border as it has inflicted heavy loss on national economy.

Noting that the NC is putting its efforts to address the demands of Madhes, he reiterated that obstruction to supply in border would not resolve the problems.

He further stated that they have already registered the constitution amendment proposal in the parliament.

NC would not accept One Madhes One Pradesh and ethnic state, he said, adding that NC stood with Madhes in rest of their demands.

Leader Poudel said that the trade transit should not be linked with internal politics adding that Nepal should entitle to right to transit which should not be stopped anywhere.

Likewise, he made it clear that NC would not lend its support to the incumbent government if the later reversed the decisions made by the erstwhile government. RSS

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