Improved oven turns effective for Chure conservation in Kanchanpur

Belauri (Kanchanpur), Oct. 13: The Janahit Mahakali Forest Users’ Group at Krishnapur area in Kanchanpur district has distributed improved ovens to 75 per cent households meant for the conservation of the Chure region in the district.

Chairman of the community forests, Tulsiram Chaudhary, said that the step was taken to reduce the locals’ dependency on forests for fuels. “We will provide the improved ovens in the remaining 25 per cent users too,” Chaudhary said.

Locals have also said that use of the improved oven has made their life easier adding that it has reduced the consumption of firewood as well. “Now we are relieved from the smokes. It has saved our time for cooking and there is less consumption of firewood,” Maya Chaudahry of Krishnapur village shared.

It is said that use of such improved ovens helps reduce firewood consumption by around 35 per cent compared to the traditional ovens.

According to Chairman Chaudhary, bio-gas plants were constructed in 30 houses by taking subsidized loan from Chure Laljhadi Bio Route Conservation Cooperative. RSS

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