Drinking water crisis in Salyan village

Salyan, Oct. 3: The folks in the western belt in Salyan district are hard-hit for lack of pure drinking water.

The locals of wards no. 3, 4 and 5 in Mulkhola VDC have faced shortage of drinking water after the source of water near Jumledhara dried up., the local residents said. The sources of water in the village have dried up because of low rainfall in this year’s rainy season.

Hiralal Bista, a local resident, said that water crisis is expected to deepen this year as there are no other water sources in the nearby areas. “The villagers faced the shortage of water supplies just for two months last year as there was sufficient water. Now, the source of water dried even before the end of the rainy season,” Bista recalled.

The 250 households of the villages are forced to fetch water from Bangadkhola, a faraway stream from the villages.

ikewise, the vegetables, maize and paddy farming in Ghajari, Mulkhola, Desthal, Manjhkanda and other areas is also expected to yield low production due to low rainfall this year. RSS

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