Lawmakers ask to bring agitating groups onboard

Kathmandu, Sept. 9: Lawmakers of different political parties have stressed the need to bringing the agitating groups for talks in order to end the current political unrest. They also raised burning issues of the rights of indigenous communities, women Janajati, Muslims, Madhesi and marginalised and backward communities to be ensured in the constitution and the issue of religion.

The lawmakers were holding discussions on the Amended Bills of the constitution of Nepal, 2072 today.  Speaking in the CA meeting, Nepali Congress lawmaker Arjun Narsingh KC viewed that the secularism should be replaced by religious freedom and the rights to information should be ensured.

He also pointed out the need to make arrangement for the Election Commission to announce the date of elections itself. Likewise, UCPN (Maoist) lawmaker Surendra Prasad Jaisawal said that inclusive democracy should be put in the Article 4 of the constitution, adding that the demands of agitating groups should be addressed

He also said that a provision should be made for the state to inform to the federal government in case it was assisted with foreign aids. He added that the issues of secularism and republic should not be amended.  Similarly, the Maoist lawmaker Satya Narayan Bhagat underscored the need for ensuring the rights of suppressed groups in the new constitution.

Nepal Workers Peasants Party lawmaker Prem Suwal said that the country should be federated into existing seven provinces on the basis of country's geography and natural resources, adding that President should be elected through elections, but not on the basis of political power sharing.

He also said that ambassadors and foreign diplomats should be employed by the President on the basis of inclusion and proportional.

Likewise, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) lawmaker Anandi Panta spoke of the need to ensure proportional representation of women in sectors in local and central-levels to ensure the right of women that constitutes 51 percent in the country.

Another RPP lawmaker Parshu Ram Tamang said that the current political turmoil should be put to an end through talks with all the agitating parties inside and outside the Constituent Assembly.

Likewise, another RPP lawmaker Ishtiyad Mohammad underscored the need to conserve and promote Muslim religion and ensure Muslim community's representation in all state sectors. 

Akhanda Nepal Party lawmaker Kumar Khadka spoke of the need to promulgate the new constitution as soon as possible, arguing that the country could face serious fate in case of a failure of promulgating the constitution soon.

He was of the view to federate the country into five provinces that should links the Hills, the Mountain and the Tarai. Similarly, Parsuram Tamang  and Istiyak Mohammad Khan of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party stressed that the ongoing problems should be settled by holding talks with the agitating parties in and out of the CA, demands of the indigenous women, and different communities including Dalits should be addressed, Indigenous  Nationalities Commission should be formed and there should be inclusive and proportional representation.

Yeknath Dhakal of the Nepal Pariwar Dal stressed the need of holding talks with indigenous committee, Madhesi and Dalits communities to address their demands, the new constitution should be free from any obstacles, among others.

Lawmaker Chandreshwor Jha said that rights of the Muslim community should be incorporated in the fundamental rights. Currently, the CA meeting is going on.

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