Telephone services in Phamda of Jajarkot dead since 3 months

Jajarkot, Sept 8: Telephone service is dead in the remote Phamda of Jajarkot since the last three months.

The locals are deprived of the service due to the disruption of the telephone service following an unspecified problem with the Nepal Telecom’s satellite tower at Phamda of Bhagawati VDC-6. 

The Namaste tower at Phamda covers the Bhagawati VDC in Jajarkot, and Khadi and Gotamkot VDCs in Rukum district. The tower has not been repaired till date though it stopped functioning since the beginning of July.

The Hello Nepal’s tower that is being operated in the area too has become dysfunctional, completely cutting off the areas from telephone connection. As a result, the people in the areas have to travel to Ragda for making calls. RSS

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