Friendly relations among Madhesis, Tharus and non-Madhesis: Chairman Mahato

Biratnagar, Aug 23: Chairman of the Sadbhawana Party, Rajendra Mahato, said that they were compelled to launch agitation as the achievements gained from the Madhes and Tharuhat movement were on the verge of being lost.

At a news conference organised today by the party at Biratnagar, Chairman Mahato said that it would be acceptable to them if hilly areas of Chure Mahabharat would be included in the Madhesh province as two provinces have been proposed in Madhes.

Stating that Madhesis, Tharus and non-Madhesis are living together since a long time, he pointed out the need that the friendly relations existing since long among the communities should not be disturbed. Removing of the proportional representation system in the new constitution will stop Madhesis from reaching higher posts, the Sadbhawana Chairman said and complained that some of the leaders have been making constitution for themselves not for the nation. 

He also stressed the need of brining the new constitution as per the agreement signed on February 20, 2008 and as per the aspiration of the Interim Constitution.

Leader Mahato also clarified that they would not sit for talks until the government implements the previous agreements. He said that they quit the Constituent Assembly after it became meaningless and added that they would submit their resignation to the CA Chairman after gathering in the capital.

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