'New constitution to unite all'

Bhaktapur, July 18: CPN (UML) chair KP Sharma Oli has said that a new constitution would unite all in a thread of unity. Speaking in a programme organized in his own residence at Balkot this morning, chair Oli added that this was the hour of making new Nepal therefore all should join in the mission for the purpose.

The programme was organized by Manaviya Aastha Nepal to distribute the corrugated zinc sheets to the quake survivors.  While distributing the corrugated zinc sheets, leader Oli pointed out the need of correcting the politics as it shapes national activities.

On the occasion, he remembered his party's volunteers' campaign of reconstructing sheds, school buildings and temporary houses for locals in the quake hit areas. The party cadres so far has constructed over 30,000 temporary houses, sheds and school buildings in worst quake-hit-districts.  

Similarly, Minister for Industry Mahesh Basnet said that the organization so far has distributed a large scale of corrugated zinc sheets equal to Rs 30 million and that could construct 1,200 sheds.  Minister Basnet is the patron of the organization.      On the occasion, UML chair Oli's wife Radhika Shakya handed over Rs 50,000 to the organization chair Shree Kumar Ranjit.

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