Filmmakers are lazy to cast me in different roles: Tabu

India's national Award-winning actress Tabu, known for portraying intense characters, says filmmakers have become too lazy to cast her in different roles.

The actress has delivered some critically acclaimed performances in films like “Maachis”, “Astitva”, “Chandni Bar”, “Maqbool” and “Haider” among others. She has also acted in comic films like “Saajan Chale Sasural”, “Chachi 420″, “Hera Pheri”, “Biwi No 1″ and others.

Tabu said filmmakers find it easy to cast her for an intense role as they think it works for them. They lacks ‘vision’ to offer her different kind roles.

 “I think people do whatever is convenient to them because it suits them to cast me in serious and intense roles as it works. So, they take the easy way out in giving those roles,” Tabu told PTI.

“They don’t have the vision to present me in a different role. I think they have become lazy in presenting me in a different manner,” she said.

The “Cheeni Kum” actress, however, said she doesn’t like to be known as someone doing just “serious cinema”. But at the same time she is happy with the way her career has shaped up so far.

The 43-year-old actress feels that 40s is an exciting time as a lot of things are happening for her.

On being quizzed which is the ‘best phase’ of her career, the 40s or the initial years, Tabu said, “It is a busy time, a lot more is happening now. I think this is a good phase. I have gone through so many experiences and a range of work in 40s is a good place to be in.

“There is an exciting range of things happening in my life. I have experienced so many things in my life which I think is impossible for anybody to experience. By virtue of being in this profession, you get to experience so many things that you understand so much about life, relationships,” she said.

The actress also feels the current phase of her life is also a good time to make money as there are many avenues, like endorsements, to work other than films.

“It is a good time for making money as well as there are so many choices like appearances, advertisements, etc. The options and choices have opened up for everyone. Overall there are lots of different kinds of jobs available today,” she said.

With different kinds of films being made today and actress of all age groups getting work, Tabu said, today there is work for everyone in the industry. But she also feels it is also about ‘number games’ these days, as an actress with one or two hits is dubbed as “No.1″.

“Competition has always been there. I don’t think I want to comment on things. Whatever is happening now is the norm of today,” she said.

On her criteria on selecting a script, she said, “I do get scripts that excite me but a project in its totality has to excite me. Who are the people, are they going to position me properly, are they going to do justice to my image.

“These things are important you can’t be impulsive and do a film just because the script is good. We need to make the right decision,” she added.

Tabu will be seen next in Nishikant Kamat’s “Drishiyam” alongside lead actors Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and Rajat Kapoor.

The film, slated to release on july 31, is a murder mystery set in Goa and is a remake of a successful Malayalam film of the same name.

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