Kapoor erotic sculpture vandalized at Versailles

VERSAILLES, France, June 19 (AP) — Vandals have spray-painted a controversial Anish Kapoor sculpture in the garden of the palace of Versailles called "Dirty Corner."

The huge 70-meter, red metal work — resembling a gaping cavern — has been dubbed "vagina of the queen" by media, and was sprayed with yellow paint by unknown vandals on Wednesday. Kapoor is arriving in Versailles Friday to inspect the work, and decide how to proceed.

Kapoor told France's Le Figaro that the vandalism "represents a certain intolerance that is appearing in France about art. The problem seems to be political."

Two local officials have lodged formal complaints against the work, calling it a degradation of a monument.

Last October, a controversial Paris sculpture by Paul McCarthy called "Tree" was vandalized — that evoked for many a giant anal plug.

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