Avoid Junk Food

Bini Dahal

We have been taught: “The food we eat each day gives us the fuel to energise our body”. But most of us do not really think of it that way. Our tongue always tries its best not to recognise some tasteless food items because it only remembers the lasting effect that the delicious fast food had on it. And this is not a big surprise.
So obviously, we tend to eat more and more fast food because it is tasty and it saves our precious time and even the money, to some extent. Though we know that fast foods are harmful for our body, we still are left to understand the real deal of them. And this story of a young teenager is what we need to read to wake up from the deep slumber of ignorance.
A latest report has revealed a 17-year-old teenager to be the first in the United Kingdom (UK) to suffer from blindness. According to the report, the teenager’s diet has mostly consisted of a daily portion of chips, crisps, white bread and processed meat. This poor diet has made him vitamin deficient and his body has developed a condition known as nutritional optic neuropathy (NON), which is very common among malnourished children from developing countries.
The teenager here was quite a picky eater, who since primary school had a rare eating disorder—avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (AFRID). This disorder mainly involves being sensitive to the texture, taste and smell of certain food materials. And in his case, the teenager mostly avoided fruits and green vegetables due to his texture. His peculiar eating habit has destroyed not only his health but also his social life and his career. The doctors have stated that he is legally blind and cannot do many of the normal activities.
Fussy eaters whose diet doesn’t comprise of green vegetables and fruits always are at a big disadvantage. They are more likely to suffer from several health problems like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, kidney ailments, fatigue and depression. We know very well that the growing population is the biggest factor for causing disruption in the natural food cycle. Whatever we eat today contains excessive amount of pesticides though they may be derived from the plants.
And with people having very less time to cook, their dependency on instant junk foods is higher. There are people who are quite certain and confident that the latest health technology can easily get rid of any kind of disease caused by unhealthy food habits. So they rarely care of what they are eating. But sadly, today’s medical health care and facilities cannot defend human body from the worst of the worst situations. Health, once degraded, cannot be revived easily and the teenager is a living example of all of this.
Just because junk foods are readily available does not mean that we should buy them. We adults consume a lot of junk foods regularly because of time constraints. But how did the little children get a hang of these packaged foods? It is all due to the parents who have the tendency to pacify their little kids with some junk food. The whole thing is very frustrating and cooking can be a tough job for working parents. In spite of all of this, how about we put a little bit of effort for our children? 

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