Dengue affects more people in Bara, Parsa

By Our Correspondent

Bara, Sep. 6: Dengue, a mosquito-borne disease has spread in Bara and Parsa districts as over two dozen patients diagnosed with dengue have undergone treatment in the last two weeks, doctors said.

“A total of 23 patients have been identified with dengue in Birgunj, Bara and Parsa,” said Dr.Udaya Narayan Singh, Secretary, Nepal Medical Association in Birgunj. “However, no casualties due to the dreaded disease have been recorded so far.”
Dr.Singh said that the dengue virus had been affected more people inBirgunj city and Bara and Parsa districts.
Four patients in Advance Hospital, five in Narayani Hospital, four in Birgunj Health Care, five in Medical college and five in other hospitals have been found to be infected by dengue, said Dr. Singh.
Dengue mosquito, which lays eggs in clean water, mostly bite people in the day time, experts say.
High fever, headache, severe body ache, internal bleeding and decrease of platelets in blood are the symptoms of dengue.
The doctors have recommended people to consult them immediately, if they suffer from high fever.
Meanwhile in Doti, an awareness campaign has been launched against dengue in DipayalSilgadhi Municipality of Doti for the first time.
The campaign started in coordination with stakeholders as dengue has spread even in the hilly districts.
The municipality started the campaign after the death of ChhatraKumariMalasi, 42, of Sinlgadhi Municipality due to dengue on Aug 22.
“We are conducting various awareness programmes within the municipality,” said Chief of Health Unit of the municipality Raju Khadka.
According to Dr Bhushan Mishra of District Hospital Doti the dengue infected mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti, can bite during the day time. Dr Mishra advised people to destroy the possible breeding places of mosquitos’ larvae including water collected at the flower pots, tyres, water tanks, buckets, bottles and other water containers.
Dr. Mishra also suggested wearing full sleeve clothes during day and using mosquitos’ nets. The main way to get rid of the dengue is to destroy the mosquitoes and its larvae from our surroundings, said Dr Mishra.
“The district hospital has already started examination and treatment of dengue but we have not found anyone infected with dengue,” said Dr. Mishra.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito which is the cause of dengue breeds in clean water. So, all the water containers should be changed frequently or closed properly. Every water containers should be kept clean.


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