Dolakha heritages fall on bad times sans timely renovation

By Our Correspondent

Charikot, Sept. 6: Dwalkha Heritage Settlement, an ancient settlement of Dolakha,has fallen on bad times. The heritage settlement established with a motive of attracting religious and cultural tourists in the district is gradually getting ruined.

Due to lack of proper renovation in the aftermath 2015 earthquake, the religious, cultural and ancient heritages of Dwalkha, Bhimeshwor Municipality -2, are now in a dreadful state.
Heritages like Dolakha Bhimeshwor, Tripurasundari, Taleju Bhawani, Swoyambhu Stupa, temples, shrines, paths for jatras, monuments and guthis of the settlement are in poor shape as their condition has deteriorated in the lack of timely renovation.
Culture expert Tirtha Narayan Joshi of Bhimeshwor Municipality-2 said, “Had the heritages been renovated in traditional way, their importance would have been maintained.”
Joshi said that since the renovation was being carried out by using modern models, the originality of the settlement was destroyed.
Even though some of the ancient monuments are being constructed in traditional model, utmost negligence was seen in the reconstruction of the ancient settlement of Dwalkha, said Joshi.
Currently, Bhimeshwor, Taleju Bhawani, Kobideu, Dungal Seng Narayan Temple, Pingal Mahadev Temple and Kochre Narayan Temple are being reconstructe in the supervision of the Department of Archaeology.
“Most of the works of reconstruction have already been completed. Reconstruction of only these temples is not enough to renovate the heritage settlement,” said Bharat Shrestha, Chairman, and Bhimeshwor Guthi.
“Dolakha, which was famous during Nepal-Tibet business in the ancient time carries a lot of importance in the history,” said Shrestha. “If the essence of this ancient settlement is lost, it will be a loss of the entire nation.”
As per the National Society of Earthquake Technology, Charikot, total 248 houses were to be constructed in the Dwalkha Heritage Settlement. Until now, 105 houses have been constructed while 93 houses are being constructed.
Chairman Shrestha said that even though houses are being constructed, they have not been able to reflect the originality of the ancient Dwalkha.
Among the total houses, 80 per cent of jointly owned houses have still been stranded due to delay in their reconstruction.
Joshi said that the newly built houses have destroyed the beauty of the ancient settlement.
“The locals weren’t given any responsibility and authority during the reconstruction. Also, the Reconstruction Authority had delayed in preparing the work procedure,” said Joshi. “These are the reasons behind the deteriorating originality and beauty of the settlement.”
Ganesh Aryal, Chief, district level enforcement unit of National Reconstruction Authority, Dolakha, said that they weren’t provided with the work-plan in time.
The work-plan will now be able to help only in the reonstruction of the remaining heritages.
Out of Rs. 350,000 provided by the National Reconstruction Authority for the construction of houses, Rs. 50,000 was provided to preserve the originality of the settlement.
Rs. 50,000 is not enough to buy even a single window reflecting the originality, said Joshi.
Bharat Bahadur K.C, Mayor, Bhimeshwor Municipality, said that since the work plan of jointly owned houses had just been introduced, the reconstruction works would now be carried out in full swing. 

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