DDA to cancel license of pharmacies selling unregistered drugs

By Ajita Rijal

aaKathmandu, Aug. 26: The Department of Drug Administration (DDA) under the Ministry of Health and Population has warned against the sale of unregistered medicines in the market and is working to retrieve the unlicensed medicines from the pharmacies.

The DDA has warned that it would seize and cancel the licenses of the pharmacies found selling non-registered drugs.
The DDA issued the notice on August 19 to this effect, reminding all registered pharmacies to only sale licensed medicines registered as per Drugs Act-2035 (Article 10); requesting pharmacies not to sale any unlawful/unregistered medicines.
The public notice further warned that if any unlicensed medicines are found during inspection, actions will be taken including cancellation of pharmacy license.
This action is taken following inspection of some pharmacies that were found to be selling unlicensed medicines.
The DDA is the apex authorised body to examine and analyse the sample of the drug and provide license for sale or withhold or seize drugs.
DDA ensures the quality of medicines available to public, and steers pharmaceutical companies involved in production, sale and distribution.
According to Director General of DDA, Pan Bahadur Chhetri, some pharmacies are found selling medicines and ointments including painkillers, cream for skin diseases illegally i.e unlicensed medicines.
“During the inspection, we found abortion medicines which were being sold rampantly without authorisation”, said Chhetri.
Due to the open border with India, most of the medicines are entering into the Nepali market without authorisation, Chhetri said, adding the illegal transportation of such medicines are discreetly done even through the hand luggage and bags. He further hinted that the sale of unlicensed medicines was more rampant in the rural parts/hilly regions.
Chhetri said that pharmacies should only procure medicines after getting an accurate bill from the suppliers of pharmaceutical companies, adding the unregistered medicines could have negative impact and adverse effect on the public’s health.
Meanwhile, Chhetri asked the consumers to stay alert while buying medicines and said that individuals should only buy medicines formally prescribed by the doctors during medical visits. He also requested pharmacies to uphold accountability.
Almost a dozen of laws and regulations including Drugs Act,2035; Drugs Registration Regulations 2038 and its First Amendment 2058 (2001); Drug investigation and Inspection Rules 2040 ( 1983), Nepal Health Service Act 2053, among others, guide the registration, production , licensing and sale and all other legal process for medicines in the country . 

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