Mosquito killing drive in Damak

Damak, Aug 25: The Damak Municipality has conducted mosquito fogging drive to kill the mosquito larvae to curb the increasing cases of dengue disease.

The local demanded fogging spray at the municipality to destroy the mosquito larvae, said Chief of Health Section of the municipality Indra Aryal.

Around 150 dengue patients has visited the hospitals of Damak within two months, said Aryal adding efforts has been made to aware people before it spreaded as an epidemic.

The mosquito fogging operations is to kill mosquito larvae or any adult dengue mosquitoes that may be carrying the dengue virus, said Aryal.

Likewise, school level awareness programme and larvae destroying campaign has also been launched, he added.

Aedes aegypti mosquito is the primary source of dengue. The virus is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected female mosquitoes.

The dengue patients are undergoing treatment at the private hospitals than in the government hospital. The number of patients has increased in Life Line Hospital in Damak.

Dr Khusbu Priya of Life Line Hospital said that the number of viral fever infected patients has also increased in the hospital despite the dengue patients.

The dengue patients are kept under the mosquito net and are provided treatment, said Dr Priya.

 The dengue patients are suggested for not taking any medications without the prescriptions of authorised doctors, said Dr Priya.

The patients must be aware that medicine except the paracetamol may have adverse effect in the health of patients suffering from the dengue.


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