‘Tea with the driver’ programme to reduce accidents

By Yadavraj Puri

Rautahat, Aug. 20: Rautahat police has launched ‘tea with the driver’ programme in a bid to reduce accidents in the Chandrapur section of the east-West Highway. 

The police stop the night vehicles of the long route and drink tea with their drivers. District Traffic Police and Area Police office Chandranigahapur in the Bagmati section of Chandrapur Municipality-1 have launched the programme to minimise the road accidents in the night time. The programme that was halted due to floods and rains, resumed from Sunday.
Chief of Traffic Police Chandranigahapur and Assistant Police Inspector Ramnarayan Yadav said the main reason behind the accidents at night was drowsiness.
“The police stop the vehicles and serve tea to the drivers, give traffic knowledge, discuss about lowering the risk of accidents and crack joke to relieve the stress of the drivers,” he said.
Rautahat lies in the centre for the vehicles plying eastward from the west and westward from the east, so every vehicle takes a short rest there before moving ahead. Utilising this time, traffic police have operated the tea programme. Both the drivers and passengers get surprised seeing such tea programme of the police on the highway. Driver Jitendra Shrestha said that the programme would be effective in reducing accidents.
Traffic police have also given continuity to the programme of blood pressure testing of the drivers of the short-route vehicles on the highway. If the blood pressure is high, the driver will be asked to rest, said Yadav.
According to him, this programme will reduce the risk of accidents. There had not been any serious accidents on the east-west highway since the month of Ashad. 

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