Saput vows to create new musical flavour

Manjima Dhakal

saput“Dhila Aayo Kada Aayo”, which means, Spoke Late But Strong, is a popular dialogue among Nepalese people of all generations. It was the creation of popular artist Prakash Saput in his song “Galbandi”. Saput was successful to draw the affection of young generation toward folk music.
Majority of youths had readymade answer: The refrain of “I hate folk music” had changed now-a-days. That is the great achievement from the aspect of folk culture.
Prior to that, he also drew fans from his serious song “Bolamaya”, a story of Nepali migrant workers in Gulf countries. Likewise, after that he has released “Dohari Battle.” Although the battle landed in controversy from its words, it was able to give newness. Many youths like such creations. Some other folk artists are also able to create hope in the country.
Prakash Saput said he never thought he could get such a popularity by singing a folk song in the western part of Nepal alone. He said that he creates songs from the reality he saw in his surroundings.
Prakash Saput was able to use really touchy words in the background conversations of his song. He has been choosing radical subjects in the music. “Such types of song having similar meaning were sung many times by other singers too.”
But, I wanted to present these emerging issues of migrant workers in a touchy way. So, I chose our original folk to make it touchy. And it seems that people still love originality.
Saput said he has been getting more love of people after creation of the music while people thought the singer can illustrate their problems. He, further, said after Bolamaya, many youths changed their decision to go abroad for work.
In Bolamaya, and Galbandi, about half of the content is only the background conservation. The singer started to sing the music only giving background of the issue raised in the music. So, Saput is able to produce quality videos in both Bolamaya and Galbandi. People like every word of the conversation used in the video.
He is confident that without the background conversation in the videos, the music would not get the popularity it got. He also stated that he had been spending more time and effort to make videos rather than words. I think audiences may also like the trend to use quality video even in folk music.
The use of story in music gives different taste to audience. So, people like the use of uniqueness in his music.
Along with the popularity of the folk song ‘Galbandi’, charge on him that he copied it from an old folk song of Shambhu Rai landed him in controversy. Stressful Saput said,“Copying pattern of the folk music is not wrong culturally, but legally it is wrong.”
He is unwilling to say more about dispute, but said, “Now I have a challenge to prove by doing new music of a similar fame. However, it is surprising that I’m not getting support from senior artists.”
Saput said that he is collecting the comments of audiences to create a new series of Bolamaya and Galbandi as he left curiosity at the last of the song.
He said, “I will choose the best issue for the next series from the collected feedback. The next may come soon. But, after the dispute in ‘Galbandi’, I learned to do think from various aspects prior to releasing any new album.”  

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