Floods cause huge loss in agriculture

By LaxmanKafle

Kathmandu, July 30: The recent flood and landslide have caused a huge loss to the agriculture and livestock sectors in different parts of the country.

According to the Ministry of Agricultural and Livestock Development, the flood and landslide damaged agriculture and livestock worth around Rs.4 billion in State -1 and State-2 alone.
According to Ganga Acharya, Under Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Federal government, the State-2 reported that the floods caused damages to standing crops and killed livestock worth Rs. 3.50 billion.
The floods affected State-2 the most among all seven states.
Similarly, State-1 reported that the floods and landslide caused losses of Rs. 200 million.
He said that no other State except State-1 and 2 reported about the losses from the floods and landslides even though the federal government repeatedly requested to them to submit the report on the damages caused to agriculture sectors.
He said that the ministry was in ready position to provide technical and other required support if the State governments asked for the same.
According to Manis Kumar Pal, Crops Development Officer, Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Co-operative, Janakpur, State-2, the floods caused losses of above Rs. 3.59 billion in the agriculture and livestock sectors.
As per the data collected from different districts of the State, flood killed 89,289 livestock worth Rs. 1.62 billion.
Rautahat was affected worst from the floods compared to other districts of the State, he said, adding that around 66,200 livestock (worth Rs. 350 million), including 500 buffaloes and cows, 700 goats, 50,000 chickens and 15,000 ducks were killed by the flood in Rautahat.
The floods swept away fishes of ponds spreading in an area of 22,300 hectares, he informed.
Likewise, the flood inundated over 77,000 hectares of cultivated land.
Under the agriculture sector, the floods damaged standing crops, including vegetables, early paddy, maize and fisheries worth Rs. 1.97 billion, Pal told The Rising Nepal. 

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