Jhapa hoteliers make commitment to keep all business activities disciplined

Birtamod,  July 19: Cases of flesh trade are on the rise in hotels of Jhapa despite actions being taken against it.

After the public raised voice against such illicit activities in hotels, the police have decided to solve the matter in coordination with the hotel entrepreneurs.

During an interaction between the police and entrepreneurs, a commitment to keeping all business activities disciplined in the coming days was made.

Chairman of Hotel Entrepreneurs Association, Jhapa, Bhola Upreti stressed the importance of disciplined business activities by stating that tourism year is round the corner and businesses should be strictly under control.

Hotels are respectable and service-oriented businesses, and activities that would cause discomfort to customers shouldn’t take place, said DSP Dineshraj Mainali of Jhapa.

 Anyone engaged in the activity of flesh trade in Birtamod, Damak or any other hotels in Jhapa, would be arrested. When hotels are caught running shameful acts, these are the tourists and the economic activities that will be badly influenced, added Mainali. 

Birtamod’s DSP Mohan Thapa suggested installing CCTV cameras, restricting overuse of alcoholic substances and prohibiting child labour in hotels as well as controlling prostitution.  

Flesh trade taking place in some hotels of Jhapa has tarnished the image of the rest of the hotels in the district, said entrepreneur Devinbhakta Shrestha.

With the ban on alcohol consumption  in Bihar, there has been an increase in the number of alcohol shops in Nepal-India border in Jhapa border, which has also led to an increase to flesh trade activities in the district.

Even after raiding the hotels and arresting the  flesh traders, hotel owners and clients, the activity is actually increasing than decreasing.

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