Rani-Jamara Irrigation Main Canal on trial

Dhangadhi, July 17: Water has started to be released in the main canal of the Rani-Jamara-Kularia Irrigation Project on a trial basis.

The project being constructed in the eastern sector of Kailali district is a project of national pride.

Water was released into the main canal of the project through three of the eight slice gates at the intake on Tuesday. The intake of the irrigation project is located on the Karnali river at Chisapani in the eastern border of the district.

Work on installing the equipment for opening and closing the sluice gate is in progress in five sluice gates.

"We released water into the main canal on a trial basis. Although water has been released in the main canal, it is not diverted to the feeder canal as the construction of a hydroelectric project is in progress. So, the water released into the main canal on test run has been diverted to the traditional irrigation canal itself," Madhukar Rana Magar, Chief of the Project, said.

The construction of the 8.8 kilometres long main irrigation canal has been completed. The main canal runs in the east-west direction. The feeder canal that runs towards the south of the main canal is 10.50 kilometres. The extension canal towards Lamki is 14.7 kilometers long and its construction is completed on six kilometres.

The construction of the project had started in 2066 BS with the loan provided by the World Bank. It is constructed by the government investment as well as local voluntary labour contribution. The first phase of construction was completed in fiscal year 2017/18 while the second phase of construction began in fiscal year 2018/19.

The project would be fully completed in 2023. It will irrigate around 20,300 hectares.

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