Monkey menace drives Baitadi folks out of village

By Gokarna Dayal

baitadiBaitadi, July 7: Rise on monkey menace has forced scores of families of Baitadi to leave their villages in search of safer and nuisance free places.

Around five hundred families of ward number 8 and 9 of Dashrath Chand Municipality have been displaced following the rising monkey menace.
The families of seven villages of the ward number 8 and 9 have been compelled to leave their villages after a troupe of stray monkeys raided and destroyed their household crops. The monkeys are believed to have been brought from Haridwar of India.
Not only have these simians invaded the farmland crops, but have also made their forays into the houses of the locals and have been found eating even the cooked food.
The terror of monkeys is so high that more than 500 families living on Dhaulyali, Sangadi, Pujaru Gaun of ward-8 and Bhatala, Jhaka, Budda and Khadeni villages of ward-10, have migrated to other places to escape the monkey menace.
Monkey menace has become the prime reason behind the displacement of scores of families in this Sudur Paschim district. There are only few farmers left behind at these villages. Following the migration of scores of families, the four local schools of these two wards have been closed.
Since there are very less numbers of students studying in the schools, the school administration have decided to merge their schools with each other After the schools of their locality were closed, the children of these villages were compelled to travel all the way to Jhulaghat of Pithauragad district, India to persue education.

Diwan Bista of Dasrathchand-10 said he was admitted to Indian school because the nearby school of his villages was closed. During the field based reporting, Mohit Mahar, a boy of Dasrathchand said he couldn’t sing the Nepali national anthem.
After the scores of families of the Dasrathchand Municipality were displaced, the Radsaini Primary School of ward-8 and Jagadamba Secondary School of Ranimunga have been merged. The both school have a total of only 14 students.
Similarly, owing to the less number of students, Gyaneshwor Primary School has been merged with Daneswhor Secondary School.
After the schools were merged with the schools located at far off places, a total of 15 children of Sangi village have been compelled to travel to India to pursue their education, said a local, Raghubir Thapa.
“Travelling to India is much easier for children than travelling to another village for studying,” said Thapa.
Local health volunteer of Budda village, Manju Chand said more than a thousand of monkeys brought from Haridwar were left at Jhulaghat.
Since then, the monkeys have turned the residents of the Dashrath Municipality helpless, said Chanding, adding the people of the municipality were left with no choice but to leave their lands barren for two years and then to move out of the villages after being unable to bear the simian nuisance.
Around 20 families of the ward-10 have also migrated to other place due to monkey menace, she added.
Principal of Kailpal Primary School Laxman Thapa said since the people are migrating out of the village, there were very less number of students in the school.
The locals have demanded to bring an end to the monkey menace going on for the past several years.
The monkey terror is on rise in the region. They consume the crops that could feed the people for a whole year, said locals.
They demanded that the government should extend support to them to control the invading monkeys.
Deputy Mayor Mina Chand of the municipality said the fifth meeting of the municipality decided to allocate Rs. 1,000,000 to control the monkey menace in the area. 


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