Empowerment of Tharus main goal, says Chaudhari

By Amarendra Yadav

bisnuKathmandu, July 6: Tharu Commission chairperson Bishnu Prasad Chaudhari said on Friday that the constitutional body would work for the development of the Tharu community.

Talking to The Rising Nepal, chairperson Chaudhari said that the commission would launch awareness programmes for the empowerment of the community.
“Although the Tharu community is one of the single largest communities, they are backward in all measures of human development index. So the Commission will work for the social, cultural and educational development of the community,” Chaudhari stated.
He further said that it would initiate for preserving the language, culture and history of the Tharus. “We will primarily focus on the education of the Tharu for their empowerment,” he added.
Chaudhari was appointed the chairperson on March 21 and he had assumed his office on the same day.
After taking charge of his post, he has managed the central office of the Commission, published its introductory booklet and held 10 interaction programmes in the Kathmandu Valley and Terai regions.
“Since the Commission has been established for the first time in the country as per the new constitution, we first prepared its introductory book and then convened as many as 10 formal functions in Kathmandu and Terai to

gather suggestions and grievances from the community,” Chaudhari said.
“Most of the Tharus consulted are dissatisfied over the demarcation of the federal states and the state’s treatment towards Tikapur incident. They feel cheated on the issue of federalism as they did not get a single state dominated by their population. On the other, they think that they are being victimised on the pretext of the Tikapur incident,” he added.
Chaudhari was of the opinion that since the Tikapur incident was unfortunately occurred during the political struggle of the community, it should be resolved not legally but politically.
According to him, members of Tharu community were of the views that although the community was enshrined as different social cluster in the constitution, the current government bodies were diluting the rights of the proportional representation meant for Tharus and other marginalised communities.
Chaudhari further said that the recent job vacancy opened by the Public Service Commission for the local bodies was published flouting the inclusion and reservation provisions in the constitution had strengthened the perception of the Tharus that the government was against the principle of proportional representation in all government organs.
“We will submit a report of the Tharus’ demands; suggestions and grievances to the government after the commission take a full shape,” Chaudhari stated.
The post of four members in the commission is still lying vacant even four months after the formation of the commission.
Chaudhari said that he was facing difficulty executing its works in the absence of four members. “I have urged the government to appoint the members time again. I hope the government will soon recommend their names,” he added.
Chaudhari was an elected member of the first Constituent Assembly from the then constituency number 2 of Bardiya district on the ticket of then CPN-Maoist. Later, he had served as a State Minister for Commerce and Supplies for six months during the premiership of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. 

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