NA lawmakers call for curbing monkey menace and dowry practice

Kathmandu, July 2: The meeting of the National Assembly, the upper house of the Federal Parliament, held discussions on the appropriation headings related to six different ministries under the Appropriation Bill, 2076 today.

These ministries include the Ministry of Forests and Environment, the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

Taking part in the deliberations, the lawmakers from the ruling parties said the new budget has given the outline for forging the country towards the path of prosperity and the need of the day was to work for its effective implementation. The lawmakers from the opposition bench however criticized the budget as impractical.

Badri Prasad Pandey of the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, presented a proposal seeking a cut of Rs 100 under the expenditure amount of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

NA lawmakers participating in the meeting of the NA, July 2, 2019.

"The budget does not help in implementing the federalism, rather it seeks to create an economic anarchy," he said.

Mukta Kumari Yadav of the same party proposed a cut by Rs 100 in the expenditure amount of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development under the Appropriation Bill. She accused the government of not ensuring the adequate supply of fertilizer to farmers during the paddy planting season.

Saying agriculture policy has become a failure, Anita Devkota of the NC suggested for commercialization in agriculture, increased budget in agriculture sector and conservation of fertile land as well as connecting agriculture with industrial profession.

She raised question why the ministers of concerned ministries remained absent in course of discussion on different topics of the ministries under Appropriation Bill.

Similarly, Suman Raj Pyakurel of the Nepal Communist Party said that the budget is implementation-oriented, all should thanked the government as it has for increased budget laying special emphasis on social security and chure conservation.

Suggesting the government to pay attention in forest management, to bring forest bill only after correcting it and to bring programmes to stop dowry system taking place in Tarai-Mashesh, Komal Oli of the NCP stressed the need of conserving drinking water sources and to make Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Programme effective in days to come.

Likewise, Kabita Bogati of the NCP asked the government to bring special policy in conservation of forest and environment as well as to increase investment in industrial development while Raj Kumar Kunwar of the same party urged the ministry to pay attention on time to allocate sufficient amount of budget in National Disabled Fund.

Khim Kumar Bishwakarma of the same party called for increasing the budget of Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen. He said considering the role of community forest users, which had been very effective in the conservation of forest in a short period of time, it should be considered through a new angle. He also expressed his concern over ‘monkey menace’ in the hilly districts. He took time to call on the government to adhere to the principle of justice in the adjustment of employees.

Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s Meena Budha thanked the government for incorporating 32 road projects in Rolpa in the new budget, seeking the government’s attention towards the effective implementation of the budget.

Balram Prasad Banskota of the same party spoke of the need of a new strategy to make the country sufficient on agriculture and suggested that budget for this field should be doubled and youths should be attracted to it.

Rastriya Janata Party’s Brishesh Chandra Lal objected to the allocation of ‘less’ budget to the agricultural sector in the agro-based country. He advised the government to increase the volume of subsidy and grants meant for this sector and announce the Tarai Madesh districts as a ‘pocket area for fisheries’. He questioned the government that why the programme aimed to promote partnership forest promotion was not introduced.

Samajbadi Party Nepal’s Rampreet Paswan commented that the new budget intended at weakening the federalism. “The budget fails to give proper attention to the development of Tarai/ Madhes,” he complains.

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