PM Oli asks NC to join hands for development

By A Staff Reporter

kpKathmandu, July 1: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said on Sunday that the government was ready to work together with the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, for the development of the country. 

While inaugurating the National Labour and Employment Conference-2019 that began in Kathmandu today, the Prime Minister said, “The government has a craving for working together with the opposition party to accomplish the development goals.”
Stating that the tags of ruling and main opposition parties were temporary and periodic, the Prime Minister said that development and prosperity were essential for all.
“I have personally vowed myself that the new generation of the country should not be handed over today’s poverty, and unemployment situation, and all should join hands for building a prosperous nation,” Prime Minister Oli said. He said that poverty would end in the country with the expiry of his tenure in the office.
“The government is all aware to move ahead together with all the stakeholders on the issue of national development and prosperity,” Prime Minister Oli added.
“I would like to appeal to the NC to move ahead by joining hands with the ruling party as the nation is common to all of us,” Prime Minister Oli said. “I have my own dedication and hope that I can bring about some changes in the development aspects of the country which will be different from the present situation,” the Prime Minister said.
The government was effortful to clear the decks of the national development campaign, he said.
“We are seeking capable human resources for the national development, but we have not stopped talking about the rise in unemployment situation in the country, so to mitigate this confusing situation, the government is serious about introducing right planning to produce skilled human resource,” he said.
Prime Minister Oli said that in absence of right planning and homework, the nation’s academic institutions and training centres were producing human resources haphazardly without proper studies, he said. “Our academic institutions are running various academic programmes just being guided by commercial mindset,” he said.
The present academic level of the national education has not been able to resolve and find the solution to any problem, he said, adding that academic certificates had also become problematic to the citizens, he said.
The government was preparing a detailed national profile to find a solution to a problem of development and employment, Prime Minister Oli, said.
“Within next two or five years, the government can give solution to the problems of unemployment and development,” he said.
Speaking at the function, Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista said that foreign employment had become a compulsion when the youths had problem of not seeing any employment opportunities here.
“We must end the culture of being hesitant while doing domestic work in Nepal and should make foreign employment more secured and organised,” Bista said. The present foreign labour market for the Nepalis should be made more decent and organised.
The main opposition party has also equal responsibility to make the country prosperous and happy, he said.
Former Minister and Nepali Congress leader Ramesh Lekhak said that his party was also positive and active to support the ruling party for the economic development and employment.
“Let us join hands together for prosperity, and for this, the NC is ready to support every good deed of the government, provide recommendation to any problem and warn in any wrong move of the government,” Lekhak said. 


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