Lalitpur Metropolis unveils budget of Rs. 5.18 billion

Lalitpur, June 25: Lalitpur Metropolitan City has unveiled an annual budget of Rs. 5.18 billion for the upcoming fiscal year 2076/77 BS.

The fourth assembly of the metropolis held on Tuesday unanimously approved the budget presented by metropolis Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan.

In the annual estimate of income and expenditure, over Rs. 2 billion has been allocated for infrastructure development, Rs. 460 million for social secuirty, Rs. 166 million for social development, Rs. 165 million for environment and disaster management and Rs. 22.5 million for institutional development, service delivery and good governance.

In his inaugural speech of the assembly, Lalbabu Pandit, Minister for Federal Affairs, lauded the metropolis as one of the metropolis which has the least problems.

He urged all local levels to exercise their rights as provisioned in the constitution so that there are no chances for tussle with other levels of the governments.

"I will work so as to keep the head of the people's representatives high. No people's represenatives can be contractor for any development works. Those people's representatives who have misused their powers by being a contractor will be punished. There can be no politics in development works," Minister Pandit said.

He said all people's representatives were in constant vigilance of the public, which also got expressed in social media.   

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