Buddha Eye Center checks up over 1,746 people, distributes 794 spectacles free of cost

Bardibas,June 19: The Buddha Eye Center has provided free eye check up services to 1,746 people and distributed 794 eye glasses to the needy people free of cost since it started its service here at Bardibas municipality a month ago.

The center had announced free eye check up to some 1,000 people and provide spectacles to equal number of patients visiting the center in the first of its opening.

At a press meet organised on Wednesday on the occasion of completion of the first month of operation of the eye center, Dr. Nabaraj Gautam, Chairman, Mahakaruna Society Nepal which operates the eye center, said, Out of the number 1746 there were 1149 school children and 597 adults and one aged people. In the eye examination of 1149 students, 101 children were found with refracted error, a child had congenital cataract, 14 had squent, 14  had low vision due to amblyopya, 2 had corneal opacity, a child had pthysis bulbi, 12 had ocular trauma and 31 patients were found with cataract."

The eye center is operated by Mahakaruna Society Nepal in support with Bardibas Municipality.

Dr. Gautam said that the center had the objective to provide eye treatment services so that childhood blindness can be prevented in Nepal and urged, "Mahakaruna Society Nepal is seeking kind hands from international community to provide support for childhood blindness of school children in the marginalized community".

He said that as planned, the centre would distribute 300 more spectcles in the coming days free of cost to those needy people from downtroden community. He also added that the center would come up with other similar programmes so that every needy patient got good treatment including eye glasses free of cost.

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