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School education plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s life; if one gets an opportunity to study in a good school, he/she has a chance of achieving success. On the other hand, if one is deprived of education or quality of education, one faces a lot of problems in later life. Good education of children also goes a long way in making the society civilised and the nation prosperous. Hence it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that all its citizens have an easy access to quality education. And Nepal government claims to have adopted appropriate policies towards fulfilling this goal.

However, all is not well with the education system in our country; the standard of education provided by community schools is far from satisfactory. A large majority of children attending schools get very low grades in Secondary Education Examination, thanks to poor quality of education they receive. The performance of state-owned schools is frustrating because there is extreme politicisation at the cost of quality; mostly the school management committee is under the grip of one or another political party, while the teachers engage less in teaching and more in politics. No wonder, the students don’t get proper knowledge in the key subjects like English, Maths and Science. Consequently, they have little chance of doing well in higher education. Many are ineligible even to enrol for higher education.

It is evident that more needs to be done to improve the quality of school education in the country. President Bidya Devi Bhandari the other day spoke on the need to enhance the quality of education at the school level to enable the students to do well in higher education and make the country prosperous. Addressing the Golden Jubilee Ceremony and Guardians’ Day Programme of Janata Secondary School at Dakneshwori Municipality in Saptari district President Bhandari underlined the need to improve school-level education failing which youngsters would be unable to pursue higher education, depriving them from realising their full potential and contributing to the campaign of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali the government is pursuing. She categorically asked local mothers’ group to be active for improving the quality of education in community schools and suggested continuing with the midday meal programme to retain more children in schools. She also promised her personal support and in the capacity of President to make Janata School a model institution.

Saptari is a district falling under State 2 where the State government has launched ‘Educate Daughter, Save Daughter’ programme with a view to spread education among girls and women and build a more equitable society. President Bhandari praised the campaign implemented by the State as only by educating maximum number of girls and women can we equip them with knowledge and skills necessary to live a more productive life. Besides, State 2 boasts of a rich cultural heritage dating back to Mithila civilisation and the local authorities and other stakeholders have the responsibility to create an environment in which Maithili language and literature flourish and Mithila culture thrives. What is most important, however, is imparting good education to all school-age children so that they have the competence to pursue higher education in the discipline of their preference and participate in the campaign of national development.



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