Seven well-equipped school buildings handed over

By Chitra Mijar

schoolSindhupalchowk, June 22: Students of seven schools in Sindhupalchowk district now have well-equipped earthquake-resilient school buildings.
After the earthquake of April 2015 destroyed their school buildings, students were forced to take their classes under tarpaulin tents and sheds.
Buildings of Kupkanya Secondary School, Sharada Secondary School, Jalpadevi Secondary School, Marming Secondary School, Kodari Secondary School, Thapinarayan Secondary School and Janajyoti Secondary School were reconstructed by Tata Trust and Sipradi group.
They also constructed a building for Phalpingkati Health Post.
Hiramaya Tamang, a student of grade 8 of Kupkanya Secondary School, expressed her happiness that they were relieved of the problem of studying in sheds after the construction of the new school building.
During the school handing-over ceremony, board member of Tata Trust V.R Mehta said that reconstruction works were done for the bright future of the students.
The newly reconstructed school buildings have rooms ranging from 15 to 10 with arrangements for disabled-friendly toilet and clean drinking water.
The school buildings of Kupkanya Secondary School, Sharada Secondary School and Jalpadevi Secondary School were already handed over whereas the handing over of other school buildings is in process.
According to the District Project Implementation Unit, the earthquake had caused damage to 3620 rooms of 528 schools in Sindhupalchowk. Of them, 500 well-equipped schools have already been reconstructed with the assistance from supporting organisations and the District Project Implementation Unit. 

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