Earthquake victims deny demolishing rickety houses

By Madhusudan Timalsina

Kavre, June 21: Majority of earthquake victims, mostly in the rural areas, are unwilling to dismantle their earthquake damaged houses even after constructing new ones. 

Shyam Mijar of Dhulikhel Municipality built a new house, but he is continuing to use the cracked old house as a store room, kitchen, or for keeping cattle.
His wife, Gyanu Mijar refused to bring down the ruined building for she had put an immense effort to build it.
Another major reason behind not destroying the ruined houses was the small-sized (two rooms) model of houses recommended by the National Reconstruction Authority.
As per the earthquake victims, the model houses barely served multiple purposes like guestroom and kitchen. Ram Bahadur Gole from Khanekhola Rural Municipality-7 argued, “How can I destroy the only house I have?”
Mijar and Gole are just a few examples amongst a pool of earth-quake victims around the nation who refuse to destroy their damaged houses.
Their focus was solely on building new houses without paying much attention towards the need to destroy the badly damaged ones, which posed risk to them.
Despite the repeated call of the District Planning and Implementation Unit of the NRA to dismantle the old houses, many victims have denied pulling down their rickety houses.
Had the earthquake victims been asked to demolish their ruined houses before they got the last tranche of the relief, they would have been forced to do so simply for the sake of receiving the relief.
But now when they lose nothing for not demolishing the old houses, no one wants to pull down their houses, said a local. 

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