States propose budget worth Rs. 260b in total

By A Staff Reporter

1Kathmandu, June 18: The State governments have focused on building their States prosperous through the fiscal budget of 2019/20 by harnessing potentials in agriculture, livestock, tourism and development of social and economic overheads.

All seven State governments on Sunday introduced the budget worth Rs. 260 billion in the respective State Assemblies for the next fiscal year. Of the total budget around Rs. 123.50 billion have been proposed for recurrent expenditure and Rs. 138.46 billion under the heading of capital expenditure.
The government of the State 3 presented the largest budget in size-- Rs. 47.60 billion followed by State 1 and State 2 which introduced budget worth Rs. 42.20 billion and Rs. 38.73 billion respectively.
Similarly, State 5, Karnali State, Gandaki State and State 2 and Sudur Paschim State presented budget worth Rs. 36.44 billion, 34.35 billion, 32.13 billion and Rs. 28.73 billion respectively.
Except for the State 3, all other states have allocated more budget under the heading of capital.
However, the internal resource mobilisation of most of the states is very nominal compared to the size of the total budget.
Most of the states are highly dependent on grant received from the federal government, sharing of revenue with federal government and surplus of last year's budget to finance their budget.
The ratio of internal resource mobilisation to total budget is highest for the State 2 followed by State 3, Sudur Paschim, Gandaki, State 5, State 1 and Karnali.
Contribution of internal sources of the State 2 in its budget stands 34.95 per cent while it is 32.5 per cent, 29.35 per cent and 14.3 per cent for State 3, Sudur Paschim and State 5 respectively.
Internal resource of Karnali State, State 1, and State 5 stands only 1 per cent, 9.1 per cent and 12.6 per cent respectively.
If we look at the budget of individual states, the State 1 has focused more on infrastructure development, agriculture and tourism.
The state government as allocated Rs. 8 billion in constructing roads and bridges, Rs. 4 billion in agriculture, Rs. 3.20 billion in irrigation, Rs. 3 billion in drinking water and sanitation and Rs. 3 billion for residence, building and urban development.
The state government has allocated Rs. 480 million to distribute to the State Assembly members at the range of Rs. 5 million.
It has allocated Rs. 1.40 billion for each Assembly member under the constituency infrastructure development programme. which would be distributed at the rate of Rs. 25 million to each constituency.
Likewise, the government of State 2 has also focused on infrastructure, agriculture, toruism and industry.
It has allocated major part of the budget on State Election Constituency Programme, People's Housing and other social sectors including health, education and social development.
The state government has allocated Rs. 2.35 billion in election constituency programme to be handled by State Assembly members and Rs. 1.39 billion for Peoples' Housing Programme.
The government of State 3 has given high priority to agriculture, tourism and infrastructure development.
The state government is also focusing on quality education and health service, modernaisation, and mechanisation of agriculture, industrialisation, peace and security, good governance and administrative reforms.
It has allocated Rs. 1.98 billion budget in infrastructure development under the State Infrastructure Development Programme.
Gandaki State government has also focused on infrastructure development, innovation in agriculture, education, health, environment/sanitation, tourism, hydropower, industry, water resources, irrigation and sports.
Almost 45 per cent of development budget of Gandaki has been allocated for infrastructure development which alone stands Rs. 8 .18 billion.
Wide Pokhara Ring Road and Pokhara-Bhimad-Dumkibas Fast Track, Bright Gandaki State, One house One Tap, State Information Technology Park among others are the major projects of the Gandaki State government.
The policy of the state government has given priority to private sector, especially for the development of tourism and hydropower sector.
Similarly, the government of the State 5 has introduced the budget worth Rs. 36.41 billion budget aiming to achieve prosperity through the development of agriculture, industry and tourism.
It has allocated Rs. 4.07 billion for land management, agriculture and cooperatives. It has allocated Rs. 1 billion budget to provide conditional grant to local bodies.
Other areas of priorities of the state government include education, health, social development, drinking water and sports.
The budget has aimed to develop Holeri, Liwang, Sulichaour, Bijuwar, Bagdulla, Sandhikharka, Tamghas, Tansen, Rampur, Sunwal, Parasi, Krishnanagar, Chandrauta, Khajura, Gulariya, Rajapur, Lamahi and other municipalities as the business hubs.
The budget introduced by Karnali State Governmetn has given major focus on infrastructure development followed by education, health, social development, agriculture, industry, tourism.
It has allocated around Rs. 4 billion budget in construction, improvement and design of different roads. The state government has proposed to generate hydroelectricity from Bheri-Babahi Diversion Project and Jagadullya Hydropowr project by from the state level.
It has allocated Rs. 1.35 million for drinking water, Rs. 1.70 billion for irrigation and Rs. 255 million for integrated settlement. It has aimed to make the state fully literate within two years.
The government of the Sudur Paschim State has also focused on State Pride Project, education, health, tourism and infrastructure while allocated budget for the next fiscal year. The budget aimed at making the state self-reliant on agriculture within three years. The state government has also planned to establish Hydropower Development Company and operate state pride project under it.  

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