Gorkhapatra publication from Kohalpur soon: Baskota

Banke, June 9: Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota has said that the publication of Gorkhapatra Corporation (GC) from Kohalpur in Banke would begin soon.

The publications of Gorkhapatra Corporation will be published targeting State 5, Karnali State and Sudhurpachchim State, said Baskota during his field visit to the construction site of GC in Kohalpur on Sunday.

"The government will provide necessary budget to construct the building soon," Baskota said.

There is the necessity of operation of the publication house in Kohalpur to distribute the newspaper early in the morning in the three states of West Nepal, said minister Baskota.

Minister Baskota said that the employees working at the central office of GC will be deployed by one third each in Kohalpur and Biratnagar.

On the occasion, Minister Baskota received information on the land procurement and structure of the building.

GC had brought one Bigha land at Maithawa in Kohapur Municipality-1 one and half years ago for the publication of newspaper by installing a printing press.  The GC bought land after the government provided it withRs. 15 million.

Locals welcomed Minister Baskota after he reached to the construction site.

Woman leader BasantiAdhikari said that the locals were excited about the operation of Gorkhapatra printing press to publish Gorkhapatra daily in Kohalpur and requested Minister Baskota tostart the construction work soon.

"Locals are eagerly awaiting the publication of Gorkhapatra daily as soon as possible," said Adhikari and asked minister Baskota to manage the budget soon.

Banke correspondent Gobinda Sharma andNepalgunj correspondent Sirajdhdin Khan of GC provided information about the construction of the GC building to Minister Baskota.

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