NT links remote parts thru BTS

By A Staff Reporter

trKathmandu, June 4: Nepal Telecom has been able to link the remote areas with the telecommunication services by installing the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) towers.
The NT has recently introduced the mobile service in the remote areas of Rasuwa, Taplegunj, Dolpa and Mustang districts.
The company has provided the services by installing the BTS at Pangsang of Rasuwa which is at the height of 4,290 metres.
With the installation of BTS, mobile service will be available in Langtang Trekking Route, Gosaikunda Trekking Route, Thulo Saphru, Bhimsa, Singawa, Nagthali, Gatlang, Sherpa Gaun, Lama Hotel, Ghoda Taleba, Muntu, Singdung and Khangjim.
Likewise, more than 20,000 people of 500 households will be benefited from this service.
Similarly, the NT has established another BTS in the Langtang Trekking Route, also in Rasuwa which is located at an altitude of 3,242 metres.
From this BTS, around 700 people of 200 households will be able to use mobile services.
The NT has made mobile services available in Ghunsa of Taplagunj by installing BTS tower at an altitude of 3,825 metres. From this, around 200 people of 80 households of Ghunsa, Thame, Jyalpa and Kanchenjunga basecamp will be benefited, read the press statement of NT.
The BTS has come into operation in Mukot and Se-phoksundo of Dolpa. The NT has installed BTS in Mukot at the height of 3,316 metres and in Se-phoksundo at an altitude of 3,704 metres.
Around 2,000 service seekers will be benefited through these BTS.
In Mustang district, the NT has installed BTS in Dhami at an altitude of 3,800 metres and Chosera BTS tower t at the altitude of 4,270 metres.
The company has a policy to extend the telecommunication services in those areas where there will be high investment compared to returns, read the press statement.

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