Yomari sessions season 4


Kathmandu, Jun 1 : Katha haru are a dynamic group of creative young people who come from various disciplines of the artistic realm but are connected through their linkage towards the multi-media platform. From bring stories of traditional recipes such as chaku, to following emerging dance styles and lifestyle of these dedicated artists and now encompassing musical spheres like archiving folklores as well as stories of traditional craftsmen, this team is unarguably the most vibrant YouTube outfit working towards documenting as many subjects as possible. yomari
And their series of Yomari Sessions have comprehended the enthralling experience of bringing forth our favorite musicians in a live context. Right from the very first entries these sessions connected us further with our local artists giving them platform to perform couple of their original materials with both the audio and video recorded live in one take.
The venues are usually organized in some traditionally significant areas of the primeval inner cities within the valley and each series comprises of 4-5 different acts presenting their sets in separate locations. From the post-rock outfit Space to the fusion-experimental group Shreeti&Baaja, KtaHaru, Miku, PaheloBatti Muni, Phatcowlee, Strings Ensemble, KobidBazra, Manda, Stairs of Cirth, Ladi, Earth’a, Flekke, Ember Eyes, Abhyu and Sakchyamall shared their worlds with their audiences through the Yomari delights served to us in seasons 1-3.
And these past few weeks the episodes are back again with their 4thseason of Yomari Sessions, that kick started with BartikaRai and her touring band followed by AnkitShrestha, JerushaRai with Didibahini and DiwasGurung.
They are rapidly publishing a new video each Wednesday so don’t hesitate to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on other social media sites. Katha Haru comprises of BinitBana director, RujenMaharjan on camera, PrameshSherchan on motion graphics, Riken Maharjan on audio production, Merit Maharjan on camera/ DOP, ShashankShrestha on camera/ editing, Robin Shrestha on editingand UgenRanjit on logistics.

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