Suicide leading cause of deaths

By Purushottam P. Khatri

sucideKathmandu, May 21: Hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness. These are the three key factors that almost drive a person towards committing suicide. 

Though several factors have their roles when a person takes his own life, it is especially the feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness in a person that spurs him or her to the path of suicide, according to psychiatrists, sociologists, and security officials.If one pores over the three-year suicide records of Nepal Police Headquarters, she/he will find that the suicide cases have been increasing by nearly 200 suicide deaths annually. Deputy Inspector General and spokesperson of Nepal Police Bishwo Raj Pokharel said that despite several awareness campaign and programmes, the suicide rate has shown no sign of abating, but is rather multiplying annually, said.
Suicide cases which are categorised under unnatural death are becoming one of the main causes of death in Nepal, he said. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report published in 2016 stated, one person commits suicide every 40 second, 3,000 in a day, and 800,000 people in a year in the world.
Nepal lies in the seventh position in terms of the number of people committing suicide and the second position after Sri Lanka in South Asia.
According to the record, in every 100,000 people, 24 commit suicide every day in Nepal, which is more alarming than the murder and other serious crimes. The suicide record of three years, from 2073 B.S. to 2075 B.S, showed a total of 15,837 people committed suicide. Among them, killing self by hanging is in the top of the chart with more than 6,000 cases.
As per the record, 5,124, 5,346 and 5,367 people committed suicide adopting various other methods in three years. People opt for suicide when they are gripped by the feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness in their life, according to consultant psychiatrist Dr. Ashish Dutta at Nepal Police’s Regional Hospital in Nepalgunj.
It is not only the problem of the cities and developed areas, but also of people residing in remote areas like Kalikot, and Jumla districts, according to Dutta who have visiting several districts of the country to glean suicide information.
The trend of suicide among the women ranks Nepal in the third in the world suicide category, Dutta said. Suicide rate is high especially among the people aged between 15 and 45 years in Nepal. Sociologist Suresh Dhakal said suicide was the cause that causes twice as many deaths as HIV/AIDS and about the same number of deaths as maternal mortality in Nepal.
Unemployment among the educated lots leads to frustration and and depression, which is very high in Nepal, he said. “Unemployment causes frustration and frustration takes people to serious

depression, which finally drives them to the path of suicide,” said Dhakal.
Elisa Bhattarai, clinical psychologist, stressed an urgent need for launching a massive public awareness campaign across 77 districts in Nepal so as to aware every family member about sign and symptom of frustration and depression.
“We have lacked even a minimum mechanism of hotline and any helpline services in Nepal to provide counseling to vulnerable persons who have already reached the jaw of suicide,” Bhattarai said.  

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