Local vegetables getting expensive

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, May 5: The price of local green vegetables is becoming expensive compared to Indian vegetables in the Kathmandu Valley of late.
Owing to short supply of local vegetables and low quality of Indian vegetables have been attributed to the rise in the prices of local vegetables in the market, said Bhagawan Chandra Upreti, a trader of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board.
“ A few weeks ago, price of Indian vegetables were high compared to the local ones. But now, there price is declining due to low quality following the rise in temperature has reduced the quality of Indian vegetables when they reach Kathmandu,” he told The Rising Nepal.
The prices of local vegetables is continuously skyrocketing in the market for the last 10 days due to short supply, he said, adding price differences between local and Indian vegetables is up by Rs. 30 per kilogram in wholesale market.
In a week, the price of local tomatoes reached Rs. 85 per kilogram from Rs. 35 per kilogram, capsicum reached to Rs. 80 per kilogram from Rs. 40 per kilogram, cauliflower reached to Rs. 50 per kilogram from Rs. 20 per kilogram.
However, per kilogram of Indian tomatoes is trading at Rs. 60 per kilogram, okra at Rs. 50, bitter gourd at Rs. 45, cucumber at Rs. 35, beans at Rs. 45 per kilogram.
The daily supply of green vegetables including Indian is around 400 tons in Kalimati market at present while it was above 600 tons few weeks ago, he said.
The import of green vegetable from Indian is around 100 tons, he said, adding that the import of potatoes and onion is around 200 tons daily.
“Nepali farmers are taking benefit from the raising prices of their products. However, kitchen of Nepali people is becoming expensive,” he said.
The price of vegetables in the retail market is significant higher than the wholesale market due to high profit margin of retailers, he said.
The retailers are selling tomatoes above Rs. 95 per kilogram, cauliflower at Rs. 65 per kilogram, capsicum at Rs. 70 per kilogram, jackfruit at Rs. 80 per kilogram and beans at Rs. 60 per kilogram.

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