Mother’s Day today: Big fair to be organised at Matatirtha

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, May 4: People across the country are observing Matatirtha Aunsi in respect to their mother on Saturday.
An annual festival, Matatirtha Aunsi, is marked by giving gifts to mothers and receiving blessings from them.
According to the Lunar Calendar, the festival falls on the new moon day of Baisakh month.
A big fair is organised on the day at Matatirtha in Thankot. Hundreds of pilgrims, who have lost their mothers, visit the shrine and take dip in the Matatirtha pond.
It is believed that soul of their departed mother will rest in peace if her son or daughter takes dip in the pond.
People were busy buying gift items, sweets and fruits to present to their mother on Friday. On the day, married daughter visit their mother’s home. 

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