PM asks lawmakers to work as change agents

By A Staff Reporter

Kp-OliKathmandu, May 1: Prime Minister and parliamentary party leader of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) KP Sharma Oli has asked the party lawmakers to work as change agents for social and economic transformation.

Addressing the meeting of the NCP parliamentary party at its office in New Baneshwore on Tuesday, Prime Minister Oli told them to work with high morale.
“Do not think that nothing has been done in a year, piles of mess accumulating in the system for long time have been cleared and cleaned up,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that the national economy had been improved and was in a proper condition.
“The government has properly arranged required mechanisms for the implementation of federalism in a short span of time, it was an extraordinary achievement of the government,” he added.
Sating that law and order and good governance improved in a year, the Prime Minister said the government tamed secessionism attempts.
"Had other parties been in power, they would have not achieved these feats," he added.
Referring to the land grabbing case, Prime Minister Oli said that the government would take a justifiable decision on each illegal act.
He denied the involvement of the party General Secretary on Lalita Niwas land grabbing case and said the government had started investigation into it. “The government will take stern action against the wrongdoers no matter who they are," Prime Minister Oli said.
The Prime Minister said the government was committed to bringing all public properties back in a justifiable manner rather than debating when and by who the public property was captured.
The Prime Minister also announced to demolish the huts erected in Bhrikutimandap and said that the process to take back public property had already begun.
Prime Minister Oli assured the lawmakers for equal and appropriate central budget allocation from the budget basket of the year 2019/20 and requested them to create a strong brand image of the government among the people.
“Share the achievements of the government among the people and convince them by reminding the commitments we made during the elections,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that the contribution-based social security programmes, insurance for the elderly, achieving more than 6 per cent growth target in three years, completing some of the major projects like Bheri Babai before time were the achievements made by government in a year.
Prime Minister Oli disagreed with the logics of the main opposition to bring Netra Bikram Chand led group to mainstream politics and said that the government would not withdraw its decision on the group.
He said, “No excuse can be granted for the terrorist activities, government will arrest them and take action to maintain peace.”
Prime Minister Oli said that the government’s importance in the international community had enormously risen.
Sating that it takes time to notice development, the Prime Minister urged the lawmakers to participate actively in the budget session.
The Prime Minister further said the best foundation for economic development had been prepared in a year,
"Now, we need to concentrate to implement them," he added.
The society will be on the path of socialism when there is prosperity together with justice, he said, adding that the government’s performance was according to the concept of responsible state.
“People will get the government when they need,” he said. 

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