Trade union movement should be enriched by ideology: Prachanda

By A Staff Reporter

PrachandaKathmandu, May 1: Chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said on Tuesday that the trade union movement should be enriched by the ideology to make the desirable achievements.

Addressing a workshop organised on the occasion of the 130th May Day by the World Federation of Trade Union (WFTU) Coordination Committee, Nepal in the capital, Prachanda said that the trade union movement should be sharp on its ideology and clear on its line.
The WFTU is marking the 130th May Day 2019 with the slogan of ‘the wealth belongs to those who produce it’ on Wednesday.
Scientific ideology could be a major foundation for the unification of the international trade union movements, he said.
Only the clear line and the sharp ideology could unify the global trade union movements for making the desirable progress, he said.
“To take the trade union movement in the new height, we have to first decide whether to stand on the side of capitalism or socialism,” he said.
‘I think, we are currently at the cross-roads and have to make a decision whether to stand at the side of capitalism or socialism,” he said.
“While talking about the line of our party, it is always in favour of socialism and it will join hands with the organisations with similar lines,” he added.
He said that the Nepali communist parties were found focusing on the class-coordination and compromise rather than in class-struggle. He said that the line was wrong for the communist movement.
Ram Karki, NCP leader, said that ideology of the new generation should replace the old ideology as there would not be other ways to transfer power in a communist party.
He said that the leaders, carders and supporters of NCP should be watchful whether the party fails to tie its activities and the government functions with the communist principles and ideologies.
He said that the sluggish progress on social science in line with the rapid growth of natural science was threatening the movement towards the socialism.
"To bridge this gap the world requires new Marx and Lenin," he said.

Chitra Bahadur KC, chairman of Rastriya Janamorcha, said that functions of the current communist government with the support of his own party did not match the communists.
“Any party will not become communist party just by writing communist, it should be observed from their behaviours. The government has not been able to derive any change in the country so as to make the people realise that they have a communist government working for them,” he said.
On the occasion, H. Mahadevan, deputy general secretary of WFTU, and Premal Kumar Khanal, trade unionist at WFT, highlighted various aspects of international and national trade union movements.  

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