Repair work of Upper Marshyangdi-A hydel project begins

By Our Correspondent

lamjungLamjung, Mar. 18: Two years after its completion, repair work on the the 50 MW Upper Marshyangdi-A hydro power project has begun.
According to the project, detail maintenance on the unit 2 of the project has begun two years after its construction.
Among the two Francis turbines on it, the hydropower project started maintenance on unit-2, and preparations are underway to repair the unit 1.
All hydropower projects are supposed to maintain in every three years after their construction, but the Upper Marshyangdi Hydro Project has started its maintenance in two years, said information officer of the project Karna Adhikari.
According to Adhikari, the hydropower project has started its regular maintenance for the first time after its construction. He said, “It is a regular maintenance task. We have not faced any problem, but want to update it for better performance.”
He said that the maintenance task in the unit 2 reached the final stage while the project was preparing to initiate maintenance in the unit 1.
Maintenance work in the unit-2 has begun on February 15 and it was expected to complete in 45 days.
Now, 25 MW electricity is being produced from the unit 1 and the unit 2 will produce the same amount during the maintenance of the unit-1, Adhikari said.
According to the project official, 15 engineers and technicians and three Chinese experts have been mobilised for the maintenance.
The maintenance team had replaced old turbines with new one and the old would be placed in the same place after maintenance. “Run of river power project has some minor damages on it because of flood.” Adhikari added.
Construction of the Upper Marshyangdi-A had begun in 2013 and its commercial production began in January 2017.
The cost of the project was Rs. 16 billion. It was built by the Chinese company Shinohydro Corporation and Sagarmatha hydropower. Nepali company, Sagarmatha hydropower, had 10 % share in the project and the Chinese company 90 per cent share in the project. 

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