Development possible thru non-violence: Nepal

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Mar. 3: Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Saturday said that the prosperity and development of the country was possible only through peace and non-violence.
He also urged all to extend their help to the victims of violence and the poor.
Addressing an international nonviolence peace conference organised by Nepal Jain Council here, Nepal also urged the people to give up the mentality of being happy after the birth of a son and being unhappy after the birth of a daughter.
Stating that the country has already got a female President, Chief Justice and Speaker, he said the cooperatives that are managed by the women have been found making praiseworthy progress while some cooperatives run by male managers were found misusing funds.
Nepal said the help and goodwill received from the Indian government and Indian people during 2015 Earthquake were exemplary.
He stressed the need to stopping consuming alcohol for gaining unity and peace in the community. Nepal also urged participants to spread the message of unity and peace in one’s society.
Nepali Congress spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma said the peace should prevail between India-Pakistan as escalation of tension is not a good sign for the whole of subcontinent. Sharma stressed on building the country as an international peace centre.
“The competition to earn post, money and image has given rise to violence. It is not a duty of the Prime Minister and the Minister to build the country. It is duty of all Nepali,” he said.
Sharma expressed worries the youths of the country were becoming despair despite big development projects were being constructed in the country for its prosperity.
“If such a situation continues for long, the importance of the country’s development and prosperity would lack meaning,” he said.
Actor Nikhil Upreti advocated for developing a vegetarian society.
Jain Council president Ful Kumar Lalwani suggested the government to manage vegetarian restaurants and hotels to bring more tourists.
More than one thousand participants from Nepal, India along with other countries attended the conference. 

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