Job To All For Prosperity

The issue of unemployment is one of the tough challenges facing the government’s goal of ensuring the fruit of development to all in the form of prosperity. To address this problem at its root, the government has launched a job to all programme that for the first time in the nation’s history aims to ensure employment as the inherent right of every citizen. The Prime Minister’s Employment Programme unveiled the other day ensures 100-day employment to every citizen of working age. This is a grand beginning. In case a person is compelled to stay out of job due to any prevailing circumstance, the government guarantees subsistence allowance for the stated period. No doubt, if implemented effectively, the plan will come a long way to attain the national goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. It is one of the key steps of the government, and when it comes to the realisation of self-reliance and prosperity, more schemes will follow in addition to the preceding ones. Declaring the launch of the historic programme, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that the government has moved a step forward on the path of prosperity and good governance through the launch of this scheme. This is the right strategy on the part of the government to end poverty and to do away with all the elements of backwardness and anomalies associated with unemployment. In fact, the door to employment opens when development activities in all sectors get momentum. This has to happen both in the public and private sector. The national development initiatives should also move forward through public-private partnership projects where the government and private sector join hands for solidly fructifying the development dividends.

Lack of employment opportunities at home has pushed the capable and energetic youths to seek jobs abroad while others are deviated towards socially harmful activities like drug abuse and crime. The freshly launched employment programme of the government will help reverse these trends. The call of the hour is to direct all the capital and manpower towards productive sector to give a boost to development works. The government needs to come up with suitable policies to make sure that huge capital resources are not poured on unproductive areas and the import of luxury goods. This trend must be reversed in order to attain self-reliance and generate employment opportunities. The goal should be to retain the youth as well as lure back those with remittance capital, entrepreneurship, skills, expertise and technological know-how to invest and work within the country. As the Prime Minister has pointed out, the employment programme has long term importance as long as giving a right direction to national development is concerned. Prosperity is the common goal rather than the monopoly of the privileged class. This is the essence of social justice enshrined in the democratic constitution of the country. However, prosperity does not come in an easy way. It calls for hard work, appropriate focus, supportive policies and political stability. The Prime Minister has said that the goal of prosperity can be achieved with commitment of every individual to do something for the self, family, society and the nation. A new culture that respects labour and dedication should be fostered and institutionalised.

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