60 Nepalis deported from US in two years

By Purushottam P. Khatri

Kathmandu, Jan. 17: Deportations of Nepalis from the United States of America (USA) have increased in the recent days, said officials of Nepal Police and the Immigration Department.
Deportations of Nepalis, who were residing in America illegally, have increased after Donald Trump took the charge of the President on January 20, 2017.
According to the records made available by the Department of Immigration of Nepal and Nepal Police, 60 Nepalis were deported to Nepal from March 17, 2017 to the end of 2018.
“We have kept the records of the deported persons as provided by the US Embassy, Kathmandu, and the airlines carrying the deported people,” Bishnu Hari Upadhyaya, information officer and director at the Department of Immigration, said.
“Up to date record of the deported people from various countries cannot be maintained unless we are informed by the respective airlines and embassies at the arrival desk to Nepalis at Tribhuvan International Airport is not that tight,” said Upadhyaya.
US President Trump, during his electioneering campaign in June 2015, had announced that he would initiate a process to deport immigrants who did not possess legal documents under his immigration policy.
The US government has been deporting the Nepalis, who don’t possess legal documents and immigrant visa, those with overstay problem, those who have entered the US illegally and those without having visa.
It is said that over 10 million immigrants are living in the US without possessing legal documents.
According to the records, 34 Nepalis were deported to Nepal in 2018 while 26 were deported in 2017, since 17 March, 2017.
Deputy Superintendent of Police Raj Kumar Silwal, who has been closely looking the cases of the Nepalis cheated while going to the U.S. at the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), said that many people had lodged complaints at Nepal Police against the brokers who cheated their money.
Silwal said that they did not come to the contact and inform police when they first began their process to go to the US, but when they got cheated and deported to Nepal under various circumstances, they ultimately come to Nepal Police seeking help.
Highly educated and those from the well-off families were also found cheated while trying to reach the US, said DSP Silwal.
“We request all Nepalis not to come under any influence of the brokers who say they help you to reach America,” Silwal said.

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