Freed kamaiyas bound to drink Arsenic water

Kanchanpur, Nov 17: The freed kamaiyas at Banka of Krishnapur-2 in the district are bound to drink the water laced with arsenic.

They have been worried after the water generated through hand pipes installed under the ground was arsenical.

A local Lahure Dagaura said the water from all hand pipes is full of arsenic. "Although we know we get diseased with this water, we've no alternative at all."

It was three years back, the arsenic was found in the water they were consuming after conducting a test. An organization which had conducted the test, had indicated the hand pipes where there was undrinkable water.

Another local Tej Bahadur Chaudhari said more that 40 out of 96 households are bound to use such contaminated water.

They complained that although the Constituent Assembly member, and VDC, and DDC were drawn attention on it, they were ignoring.

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