UNOHCHR recommendations be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir: Pakistani ambassador

Kathmandu, Oct 31: Ambassador of Pakistan to Nepal, Mazhar Javed, stressed on full implementation of the UNOHCHR recommendation with regard to human rights violations in the Indian-administered Kashmir.

"Pakistan politically, diplomatically and morally supports the aspiratioins of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Given recent escalation in human rights violations there, we stress on early and full implmentation of the recommendations of the UN Office of the High Commission on Human Rights (UNOHCHR)," ambassador Javed said at a talk programme entitiled Jammu and Kashmir Dispute and Recent Escalation in Human Rights Violations held at the embassy on Wednesday.

The UNOHCHR report published in June this year highlighted the killings, use of pallets guns, rapes and asrosn by the Indian armed forces. The report recommended investigation into the incidents of the excessive use of force and prosecution those responsible, through an impartial commission of inquiry, read a press note of the embassy.

According to the press note, 27 October is observed as Black Day to mark the landing of the Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir on the same day in 1947.

Dr. Shashtra Datta Pant, political analyst, viewed for an early resoution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and as per the UN resolutions to conduct plebiscite there.

According to a report, over 100,000 common people have been killed in the last 30 years alone in the clashes between Indian forces and the protestors in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Pant said peace in South Asia could prevail once the Jammu and Kashimir dispute is resolved.

Journalist Rajan Singh Karki suggested that India should play the role of a good neighbour and viewed the Kashmiri people should be given the right to decide on the solution to the Kashmir problem.


"Pakistan will not relent in its moral, political and diplomatic support until the Kashmiris realise their legitimate right to self-determination in accordance to UN Security Council Resolutions, read the message of the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, which was read out in the talk programme.

Over 250 people including intellectuals, think tanks, members of civil society, media persons participated in the programme.


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