Constitution has protected all: CM Rai

Biratnagar, Sept 19: Province 1 chief minister Sherdhan Rai has said the constitution has protected and promoted languages, culture, customs and religions of all Nepali people. 

In his address to a ceremony organised here today, observing the Constitution Day-2075 BS by the Constitution Day Celebration Main Committee, Province 1 Biratngar, the chief minister said the country's main law has ensured separate provisions for the promotion of and pleading for welfare of various castes and ethnic communities bearing in mind their distinct status.

He was of the view that the constitution would play an important role in the achievement of social justice.

The chief minister, who is also the coordinator of the main celebration committee, went on to say that the province government was committed to meeting the aspirations of province people for development and prosperity, and good governance and respect.

At the programme held at the local Martyrs Stadium, province chief Prof Dr Govinda Bahadur Tumbahang was also present.

A cultural procession was held as a part of the ceremony.

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