Govt plans to operate fair price shops

Kathmandu, Sept. 12: The government has planned to operate fair price shops with a view to providing necessary goods at discounted rates during this year's festival season as well.

Fair price shops are scheduled to be opened from September 28 across the country, including 11 in the Kathmandu Valley, to provide relief to the general people by selling essentials at discounted rates, said Nabaraj Dhakal, spokesperson at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies.

The public enterprises- Nepal Food Corporation (NFC), Salt Trading Corporation (STC), National Trading Limited (NTL) and Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) - will run the integrated fair shops in coordination with the Ministry, he said.

The four public entities will operate the integrated fair price shops at the National Trading Limited premises at Ramshah Path and the NFC and the STC will operate shops at their offices inside and outside the Valley.

More than four dozens shops will be run across the country, Dhakal said, adding that they had plans to operate such shops in all seven provinces.

The consumers will get a discount of Rs. 5 per kg on rice, Rs. 2 per kg on salt, Rs. 50 per kg on ghee, Rs. 5 per kg on sugar and Rs.10 per kg on sale of live goat at the fair price shops, he said.

The public enterprises under the coordination of the ministry are operating the fair price shops in the Valley for the last couple of years during the great festival period with an objective to provide necessary goods at reasonable rates.

The entities will sell the commodities, especially rice, pulses, ghee, oil, sugar and salt, at discounted rates for one and a half months. The fair shops will continue until Chhath (November 13), he said.

He, however, said that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies is discussing with the concerned authorities including businessmen to open the fair price shops in other possible places to provide significant relief to the people during the festival period.

"We will hold meeting with the private sector's organisations in the first week of Ashoj (mid-September) so that they also provide discount on items they sell to the people," spokesman Dhakal said.

"Our expectation is that the targeted groups will purchase the essential goods in the discount and help control the artificial price hikes by traders of essential goods during the festival," Dhakal told The Rising Nepal

He urged the public to visit the fair price shops and purchase essential goods in discount rates.

According to Dhakal, a special team will monitor the shops over the festival period so that the shops are operated smoothly and effectively.


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