Farmers busy at picking tea leaves

Ilam, March 30: The tea farmers here have been busy with the first buds on the tea leaves. It has led the small and big tea industries start processing.

It is the first harvest of the year. The first buds have more quality than the later ones. So, quicker it reaches the market, better the income.

Proprietor at the Greenhill Tea Producers' Cooperatives, Govinda Dahal, said the Ilam farmers were actually competing with the farmers from Darjeeling on who would reach the products in the West Bengal first.

As the second week of Falgun witnessed rainfall, the tea leaves sprouted quicker this time, he added.

Although the tea factories have begun processing, they are yet to fix the price.

Ilam is famous for the orthodox tea. As much as 3.5 million kg of tea is sold every year from the district.

Some 12,000 farmers sell the tea leaves for 24 big and 39 small factories. RSS

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