Building for Meche museum constructed

Bhadrapur, July 24 : A building of the museum for showcasing the culture of the Meche minority indigenous community has been constructed here through social support.

The Meche society, Shiviyari Aafat has constructed the three-room building at Mechinagar unicipality-11 in Jhapa district.

The museum would have a collection of various cultural items like the costumes, jewellery and other household as well as traditional implements used by the Meche people. It will also have stalls showcasing the different rituals and cultural practices of the Meche community, Society's district secretary Ganga Meche said.

The museum has been constructed at a total cost of Rs 3 million including the Rs 2.5 million provided by the National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities and Rs 500 thousand collected by the Meche community.

Locals Narendra Meche and Bishnu Meche donated a plot of land (1 kaththa 4 dhurs in area) to the museum.

The Meche people are listed under the indigenous nationalities list determined by the government. The Meche people are found settled only in Jhapa district. The population of Meche is 5,200 as per the 2001 national census. The Meche community is included in the 'endangered communities list' and the government provides allowance to the people of this community.


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