Watercolour a top draw at Art Council

By AmarendraYadav

Kathmandu, July 22: Nepal’s top watercolour artist duo D. Ram Palpali and NB Gurungare hosting a TwoMen Watercolour Art Exhibition of their latest artworks here since July 17.
The seven-day exhibition at the art gallery of the Nepal Art Council isattracting an unexpected number of art lovers every day, according to the two artists. “We feel encouraged and excited from the love and attention of the audiences that they have poured visitingour paintings,” Palpali and Gurung said.
“A large number of audiences attended the inauguration session of the exhibition on Tuesday. Furthermore, the number of the visitors in the last five days also immensely encouraged us. We think the charm and fascination of the watercolour paintings are rapidly increasing day by day in the country,” Palpali said.
Among the 40 artworks being showcased in the exposition, 21 are of Palpali and 19 are of Gurung. The former has around 30 years of experience in the very art genre while the latter has been creating the paintings for two decades. art news
As his name suggests, Palpa is the home district of artist Palpali. He said that as he was thinking of how to present the notable places of his district in his artworks since long, he haspainted cultural, religious and naturally beautiful places of his district in his artworks being displayed.
Gurung has his own reasons to select the contents of the paintings for the exhibition. “I have tried to give variation in terms of the contents of the pieces of the arts. So, I have portrayed mountain ranges of Manang and Mustang districts, portraits, semi-realist and abstract paintings in his canvases,” Gurung stated.
Although they make the paintings of same genre-watercolour, their techniques and presentations are quite different. Broadly speaking, Palpali paints artworks with realistic and impressionist fusions while Gurung’s paintings are more semi-realistic.
Talking to The Rising Nepal at the gallery, the artist duo said that although the foreigners, compared to the Nepalis, valued the quality of the watercolour arts more, the number of the Nepalis attracted to the art genre were growing rapidly. “Some Nepalis should come out of the illusion that the watercolour paintings are not durable due to the quality of the papers used,” They argued.
Freshness and transparency of watercolour arts are different and unique than other genres of artworks. The making of the art genres is totally different and the watercolour medium is little more complex type of paintings.
“We are front-running activists of watercolour paintings in Nepal. We are proud artists of watercolour paintings. We are also satisfied that we have established our name and fame in this genre,” they said.
Palpali is chairman of Nepal Transparent Colour Society and Gurung is country head of International Watercolour Society-Nepal. They share their plan to organise a joint watercolour art exhibition every year for at least five years to boom the watercolour art genre in the country.

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